I’ve Never Had This for Breakfast. What a Treat!

BlackCodOne thing I’ve discovered after almost three years of paleo…Food is not boring!  I distinctly remember opening the freezer door many moons ago, looking at the cardboard box of frozen toaster waffles, then at the frozen gray blob of microwaveable, steel cut oatmeal, then up at the box of cereal on top of the freezer ,then back at the oatmeal…If you find yourself staring at the same boring bowl of oatmeal morning after morning, try something new!  Paleo opens up a lot of possibilities because there are no “breakfast foods” labels anymore.  If you eliminate grains, dairy, and sugar from your diet, and look at lean proteins, leafy greens, and root vegetables at EVERY meal, you will have an endless possibility of choices for each meal.  When you look at a plate and it’s visually appetizing, it smells good, you salivate, you anticipate, you eat heartily with passion, your brain triggers the digestive enzymes and you digest well because of it.  I was at Whole Foods yesterday, in the afternoon.  Walking by the seafood counter, I noticed the selection of wild caught fish.  One in particular stood out because it looked like it had just been unpacked and put out on the ice.  Perfect timing for me because fish must look fresh for me to buy it.  It was glistening, firm, and full.  Perfect.  But it wasn’t a fish I normally buy.  It just looked so good that I couldn’t refuse.  I had planned on eating it for dinner because I hadn’t had fish in a few days but for some reason, I just wasn’t in the mood last night.  This morning, I opened the refrigerator to have it staring me in the face.  I instantly grabbed it and knew what I was having for breakfast.  Before paleo, this wouldn’t have even been a consideration and I would have saved it for dinner.  With paleo, a good, healthy meal is a good, healthy meal and you should have it right away.  Imagine getting to a place where there’s no hesitation to cook a piece of fish for breakfast.  Caveman ate when he needed to eat.  There were no limitations on “breakfast foods”.  It was a simple three-step process:  heat pan, put oil in pan, put fish in pan.  Oh yeah, put pile of greens on plate, squeeze fresh lemon on the greens, and place freshly cooked fish on plate next to greens.  Black Cod is delicious for breakfast!

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