Favorite Links

Introduction to the Paleo Diet from earth360.com

A basic understanding of Lectins, the toxic protein found in grains and legumes

The problems with Corn.

Omega 6/3 Imbalance

60 Minutes story on sugar

Follow-up interview from 60 Minutes

Brussels Sprouts

Bone Broth

Dr. Oz features the Paleo Diet with Dr. Loren Cordain and Nell Stephenson

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci spreading the word on Paleo!  See her on Dr. Oz and many other shows! 

Heart Surgeon Speaks Out

Processed salts

An important testimonial by Dr. Wahl and how the paleo diet impacted her recovery from secondary MS.

Update on Dr. Wahl’s story

Professional Athletes on Paleo

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Another informative blog about the paleo lifestyle: http://paleoonabudget.com


9 thoughts on “Favorite Links

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  4. I’m interested in better understanding the omega balance issue & pretty new to all this paleo info. How do we balance our omegas? what foods are omega 3 & 6? thanks Dorothy

    • Anthropologists say the caveman diet had an omega 6/3 ratio of 1 to 1. Our Western diet is 15 to 1. Reduce your omega 6 by eliminating grains and grain fed, corn fed meats, and eat more fish to increase your omega 3. Read about omega 6/3 imbalance on my Favorite Links page.

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