Just Ask. Restaurants Want to Please.

ChickenCurryI hear many people make excuses about their diet, saying it’s too difficult to eat out, that there’s never anything on the menu completely paleo.  First off, you’re the only one responsible for putting food in your mouth.  Therefore, if it’s not part of your diet plan, don’t eat it.  Having the will power, especially around the holidays, is a whole other story.  I know it’s challenging to order “the right thing” when all your friends are indulging.  Hold yourself accountable and let others know your intentions.  That way, you’ll be more likely to maintain your diet goals, especially in front of your friends.  Second, don’t blame a restaurant for not having food you can eat.  Voice your opinion of which restaurant to go to with your friends.  They will cooperate and pick a place with healthier foods, I’m sure.  Also, look at the menu ahead of time so you know exactly what you’ll order before getting there.  Third, ask the restaurant to change the dish so it complies with your diet.  They will do what they can to accommodate you.  Le Pain Quotidien is a restaurant know for its baked goods.  They also serve a wonderful selection of open faced sandwiches they call tartines.  I asked the server for a side salad with the chicken curry from one of their sandwiches on top, no bread.  They were glad to do it and I received a lovely plate of root vegetables alongside.  What a treat!

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