Your Diet is no Laughing Matter…Take it Seriously, Please

Yes, you can eat whatever you want and chances are, you’re waking up the next day to live another.  That’s why people rarely take their daily eating habits seriously.  We are bombarded with advertisements for junk food and drink that are killing us slowly.  We watch “food porn”, tv shows that encourage unhealthy eating.  We give gifts of cupcakes, a cookies.  We eat uncontrollably.  Obviously, not everyone behaves this way, but the majority does.  If you know anything about bell curves, you know they apply in every population.  If you eat like the rest of the population, you will fall into every bell curve along with the rest of the world.  Statistics will apply to you.  Diabetes is an epidemic and it’s happening to you.  If you eat out, you’re eating too much salt.  If you’re eating packaged foods of any kind, you could eat so much better.  If you’re not going to listen to me about the paleo diet, then please make some decisions based on something else, but do something, please.  Please research a diet that works for you.  Taking medications to fix something you can prevent doesn’t make sense.  Getting an operation to fix something you can prevent, doesn’t make sense.  Gallbladder operations should not be routine operations.  Wake up people.  Take care of yourselves.  Please!


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