Posted in December 2014

Eating Honey – Reality Check

There are a lot of people out there touting natural sugars like honey, agave, and maple syrup as better for you than processed table sugar.  This is a dangerous suggestion to make and I’ve argued with myself over the facts for the past few years, and like anything else, if you can argue over it, … Continue reading

Evidence Santa Has Gone Paleo!

I’ve been on the paleo diet for over three and a half years.  It’s been the single most impactful thing I’ve done for myself in the past decade.  And sharing my experiences with family and friends has changed some of their lives, too.  I have plenty of posts on my blog about my paleo experiences … Continue reading

Why Eat Potatoes When You Can Have These?

Why Eat Potatoes When You Can Have These?

Before paleo, I’d be the first to order up a baked potato or french fries.  As a child, mashed potatoes were practically a daily dish.  After all, potatoes are definitely on a list of comfort foods for millions.  Yukon Gold, Fingerling, Russet, and Red are all favorites but they’re not in my diet anymore.  Why?  Potatoes … Continue reading