July 2014: 3 years on the paleo diet and there is more information available now than ever before.  There are countless books, blogs, conventions, and speakers, all focused on educating the masses on the dangers of grains, sugar, and processed foods.  The paleo diet is not carte blanche to eat bacon and steak.  If your livestock are eating corn and grains, you are too.  As a rule, I avoid pork as most of it is soy and corn fed.  I use locally farmed, free range, corn free, soy free chickens.  I buy eggs that are from corn free, soy free fed chickens.  I do whatever I can to stay true to the diet.  However, I have also learned not to be upset, or panic when circumstances prevent a 100% paleo meal.    As an endurance athlete in training, I will eat packaged foods that maintain gluten, sugar, dairy, and soy free standards.  I am now more aware of portion control and maintain minimal carb intake levels.  Eating fruit every day is not good for you either.  I picked up readers in another 12 countries bringing the total to 62.  I’ve been mentioned in other blogs and even called upon to speak about paleo nutrition.  I will continue on this lifestyle path as I’m thrilled with the results I’ve achieved.  By next year, I hope to have achieved even more.

Memorial Day, 2013, is my two year paleo anniversary.  Looking back at what I wrote a year ago when I launched this blog, it all stands the same.  “Share what I eat for breakfast.  It will inevitably shed light on facts about the paleo diet as well as stimulate thoughts and ideas about how to make changes to your own diet”.  Since I started this blog, I have seen over a dozen friends and family start their paleo journey.  I’ve seen all of them lose significant weight or shed layers down to lean muscle.  I’ve heard of reduced pain from menstrual cramps, headaches and back aches eliminated, and shoulder and neck stiffness gone.  There are common challenges to anyone starting a new dietary regimen but many report similar solutions.  What’s great about the paleo community is that they’re all willing to share information, recipes, cooking tips, and products.  This year, I’ll be adding new pages to the site to include paleo products, reviews, and specific cooking info.  I’m looking forward to a new year of my paleo journey and wish you much success on yours.  Thanks to all that have read this blog in 50 countries around the world.  I value all of your emails and comments and look forward to hearing from you again, soon.

June 2012:  I just celebrated my one year anniversary on the Paleo Diet.  What a great experience it’s been.  I’m really proud of this milestone for a number of reasons.  First, it represents my commitment level.  Second, it means I care about my health and fitness.  And third, I dedicated enough time and energy that I am confident in sharing my experiences with all of  you.  I have gathered enough information from my journey that I can offer both practical and theoretical advice to those exploring the paleo diet.  I truly believe that one can greatly improve their lifestyle by adopting some or all of the paleo diet guidelines.  In other words, even if you commit to making some changes to your diet, you’ll see a difference.

Why am I calling this blog, Paleo Breakfast?  It seems no matter who I tell about the diet, and I tell a lot of people, one of the first questions I get is, “So, what did you eat for breakfast”?  I believe they ask this question because it gives an immediate comparison to their favorite breakfast foods, or even what they may have eaten just a few hours earlier.  Breakfast foods are easy to identify for everyone.  And, it works both ways.  Whenever I answer the question, I always return the favor and ask the same question back.  Unfortunately, most of the time it’s polar opposite of a paleo menu and laden with grains, sugar and dairy.

My goal here is simple.  Share what I eat for breakfast.  It will inevitably shed light on facts about the paleo diet as well as stimulate thoughts and ideas about how to make changes to your own diet.  Thank you for reading and sharing.


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