Paleo French Toast

JulianFrenchToastMost of my blog posts feature more protein than carbs.  Today, I’ll make an exception.  Honestly, I still had a chicken leg aside from this meal but, I was very excited to have an old favorite, French Toast.  I make a savory version, versus sweet.  From a paleo perspective, French Toast is a plate full of no-no: grains, dairy, sprinkled with sugar, and dipped in sugar.  This dish contains none of that.  Starting with Julian Bakery almond flour bread, soak two slices in one beaten, corn free, soy free egg, without milk.  If you like your French Toast really moist, you might need a little almond milk mixed into the egg.   Put a tablespoon of olive oil in a pre heated (medium) pan and cook your toast to a golden brown, flipping it only once.  I topped mine with avocado and berries.  Get creative and find a sugar free jelly, or spread an over ripened banana over your toast.  Avoid agave syrup, maple syrup, or honey, if you can.  It’s just as dangerous as sugar, despite it being “natural”.  Slamming your system with any concentrated sugar is just as bad for you no matter what you’re eating it with.

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