Breakfast Crispy

CrispySalmonSkinIf you had to pick one, do you like the soft and chewy, or hard and crispy?  Personally, I like the hard and crispy.  Before paleo, a bowl of cereal or a dark toasted bagel were always part of the routine, and loved the crispy crust of a baguette.  Now, without grains, I look for the crispy wherever I can.  I reviewed Paleo Bread on my Product Reviews page (click here) and certainly enjoyed the crispy crust.  I make my yam chips every once in a while and have even inspired a few readers to send me pictures of their own chips after reading my post (click here).  Today, I was happy to crunch into a familiar favorite, usually found at dinner: salmon skin.  If you haven’t had it before, you have to try it.  Salmon skin gets a lot crunchier than bacon, simply because of all the fat running through the skin, and the fact that the skin is so much thinner than a slice of bacon.  Salmon is naturally salty, too, whereas bacon is cured in salt and sugar in order to get its flavor.  Salmon is loaded with omega 3, which is a huge reason why I’ve stuck to this diet for two years.  We need more omega 3’s in our diets, and much less omega 6, found in grains.  Read about omega 6/3 imbalance on my favorite links page (click here).  To get your salmon skin crispy, use a hot, teflon pan, and olive oil.  Make sure your salmon is not much colder than room temperature so it cooks nicely.  Scale your salmon, season with black pepper if you like, and start cooking with the skin side down.  Check often to brown it to perfection.  Once your skin is nice and brown, flip the salmon and watch the salmon cook to medium.  You can see the fish turn color and whiten as it cooks.  Salmon is usually fatty enough that even an over cooked piece is still pleasant.  Buy wild, fresh salmon whenever possible.  If you spend the extra money for sashimi grade salmon, then once that skin is crispy, flip it for a minute and serve medium rare.  Serve your salmon on a bed of greens, with lemon.  Add an egg, if you like.

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