Crack…I mean Crab

SalmonOscar EggWhitesCrabSummer brings all kinds of treats.  Grilling, outdoor eating, trips to the beach, and seafood!  Shellfish is a favorite of mine.  I like all kinds: shrimp, clams, oysters, and especially crab.  Blue crabs with Old Bay seasoning, steamed, soft shell crabs, sautéed, dungeness crabs, king crab…my mouth is watering. Don’t forget lobster!  Yesterday, Dad and I treated ourselves to some wild king crab legs.  A little goes a long way, especially as a side or an appetizer.   Crab is great for surf and turf, or even turf and turf.  I had salmon topped with jumbo lump crab and asparagus the other evening.  It was billed as Salmon Oscar, but I skipped the cream garlic sauce.  Still, it was a hearty, flavorful dish and kicked off the crab season for me.  So when I saw the wild king crab legs, I decided to grab them for my own turf and turf combo of halibut and crab.  Crab goes with anything, I’ve discovered.  My leftover crab leg was just enough to garnish a beautiful egg white omelet and steamed Brussels sprout leaves.

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