Try This Smoked Meat at Any Meal

SmokedDuckThis was a delicious find.  While shopping at my local Whole Foods, I stumbled across this tasty treat in the meat department.  I’m always looking for ways to make meals different and interesting and this is a classic example of how that can be done if you just open your eyes.  There are great alternatives to our everyday meals that offer different flavors, flavors that you’re not use to having, flavors that keep you looking forward to every meal.  I found a fully cooked, ready to eat, smoked meat that was a welcomed change, even to my wide range of options: smoked duck breast.  In the two years I’ve been on paleo, I’ve prepared duck about eight times and not once have I ever smoked it.  Smoking meats is an art.  There’s cold smoking, hot smoking, different types of hard wood smokes, different flavors, different meats.  There’s a reason I don’t eat duck that often.  Simply put, it’s fat.  Despite that, it’s lovely.  There are a few of ways to reduce the amount of fat you take in with duck, but the best way is to minimize size of serving and how often you eat it.  I keep a serving to 3 ounces or less.  The smoky taste is wonderful and similar to bacon.  Compared to bacon, it’s less fat, cholesterol, salt, and has no sugar or nitrites.  On medium heat, place the smoked duck breast skin side down in the pan to render out more fat and crisp the skin.  Once the skin is golden brown, flip and heat for 3 minutes.  Let the breast rest for 5 minutes, then slice cross sections the length of the breast.  Serve with a big pile of your favorite greens and lemon.

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