What ‘Balanced Breakfast’ Means to Me

BisonBeetsBrusselsThere’s nothing better than a balanced breakfast!  We know this, we grew up hearing it, now what does it mean?  Every meal should be balanced, but balanced with what?  Most of us think that means foods from the major food groups: meats, vegetables, dairy, grains, fats.  Some people would say it means a balance of vitamins and minerals.  For me, as a paleo enthusiast, it means a balance of protein, leafy greens, root vegetables, and fruit throughout the day, while monitoring a balance of omega 6 and 3 fats throughout the week.  Beef may be paleo but make sure you have the fish full of omega 3 to balance it out.  Starting the day with a decent meal always leads to a more productive day, for me.  A nice piece of fish or chicken offers the most protein per ounce.  Leafy greens, root vegetables, and fruit, are packed full of vitamins and minerals.  Today, I opened the refrigerator and was inspired by foods starting with the letter B.  It wasn’t planned that way.  It just happened to be what I had in the fridge, all at the same time.  Bison, grass fed, Brussels sprouts, beets, and blueberries.  I never put that combination together in all these years, but by luck of the draw, that’s what I had.  It was very hearty meal.  Blueberries not shown because they were devoured while I was cooking.

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