Summer Grilling, Paleo Style

PaleoGrillI’ve been really loving my grill lately.  I was telling a friend that having my propane grill die may have been the best thing to happen because the next week, I found an old Weber at a garage sale for a mere $1.  It forced me into the world of charcoal and the flavors have been amazing.  I have been cooking with different charcoals and using different proteins and vegetables, enjoying different flavors that I’ve usually only found in restaurants.  Combined with the paleo shopping list, it’s been great!  This weekend, grass fed burger, and yams, on mesquite charcoal.  I cut the yams lengthwise, for a change.  Why?  Smaller cuts have the chance of falling through your grill.  Where I usually cut yams in cross sections, these larger pieces are easier to flip.  Toss in olive oil before cooking, lay off the seasoning and enjoy the natural flavors of the mesquite.  Remember, changes to your food preparation will stimulate your senses and prevent you from getting bored with your food routine.  Look for those new flavors and smells wherever you can.

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