Easter Paleo

DeviledEggAll this talk of eggs has inspired an Easter paleo post.  Eggs are an Easter favorite.  Deviled eggs and hard boiled eggs are paleo, as long as you’re not mixing in good ‘ol Hellman’s mayo.  Wait, isn’t mayonnaise just eggs, oil, and vinegar?  Yes, but Hellman’s and most store brand mayo is made with soybean oil, which is not a paleo ingredient.  In addition, sugar seems to be a common ingredient among mayo, too.  Make your own aioli if you want a truly paleo mayo.  Olive oil, lemon, and eggs will make an exceptional mayonnaise which you can use to make your deviled eggs.  Check the ingredients of any other components.  Avoid the sugar or any sweeteners called for in your recipe.  If you use mustard, make sure it is gluten free and sugar free.  For the most part, this can be a perfectly paleo friendly treat.  Please no peeps or chocolate bunnies!


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