Paleo Life Force

LifeForceEveryone has a “meal”.  People going through the paleo transition, the paleo process, whether thinking about going paleo, or a few weeks into it, often ask me, “What’s your go-to meal”?  I realized that it wasn’t the meal I cooked most often (turkey), nor my favorite meal (lamb), rather the meal I craved after a great workout.  Maybe “back in the day”, it would have been after a hunt, or building shelter, or even defending my camp.  Either way, the food I feel that feeds my body the best is salmon.  Of course, it has to be on a pile of kale and garlic with fresh lemon.  Salmon has one of the highest protein per ounce ratios of all the proteins.  Chicken and turkey are close, followed by beef, but salmon has one thing that these other proteins do not: omega 3.  Omega 3 is seldom found in most diets because people eating fish on a daily basis is so rare.  When you do eat fish, make sure you eat a lot of it.  If you strive for a 1:1 ratio of omega 6/3 fats, which caveman enjoyed, you’ll need to eat fish every day.  Please read about omega 6/3 fats on the Favorite Links page.   Sardines and salmon are extremely high omega 3 proteins.  Eat more of them.  Kale, by the way, is one of the omega 3 greens out there, and also high in vitamins a, c, and k.  Eat that, too!

3 thoughts on “Paleo Life Force

  1. This looks absolutely delicious and healthy. How is the Kale cooked? Do you fry it with a bit of Olive Oil and then add fresh squeeze lemon juice.

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