I’d Bet You Haven’t Made This Before

CauliflowerRiceJust a few steps to make this tasty, nutritious, side dish.  Before paleo, I use to eat rice several times a week.  I’d make a huge pot a few times a week and have it on hand whenever I wanted.  I haven’t had rice for almost two years now and never missed it.  Rice has small amounts of a handful of noticeable vitamins and minerals but a lot of calories and omega 6.  This is consistent with other grains.  You have other choices with much better nutrition.  Eat them.  Throw cauliflower in a food processor to bead like pieces, sauté in olive oil.  Today, I tossed in currants and toasted almond slivers to accompany my seared duck breast and baby chard salad.  Cauliflower will give you over 75% of your daily Vitamin C with only an eighth of the calories of rice.

One thought on “I’d Bet You Haven’t Made This Before

  1. My wife and I use cauliflower ‘rice’ fairly often and love it. It is a very handy tool in any Paleo cook’s bag of tricks. Thanks for mentioning it here.

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