Big Pile of Nutrients – Add Fat if You Want

gfbeefGrass fed beef, squash, Brussels sprouts.  When I start the day like this, it’s a good day.  This grass fed beef is super lean, no fat, yet tasty.  We rely on fats in corn fed and grain fed beef for flavor.  A nice olive oil can finish off your dish beautifully.  Just a little drizzle over any food can enhance the dish.  I look for a balance of acid so Brussels sprouts and squash can give plenty of energy carbs as well as the acidic punch you need on your dish.  The idea of having steak for breakfast seems rich and heavy, but you don’t have to have a Morton’s size portion.  This little baby was only a quarter pound.  Compare that to 4 slices of bacon that you’d get in a restaurant breakfast and there’s no comparison in the quantity and quality of protein, let alone eliminating the salt, sugar, and fat you get with bacon.  Breakfast meat should be lean and high in protein, not just a flavor filler.


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