Paleo 420

LambStickerOne thing about the paleo diet, it makes you think about your food.  There’s never a meal where I go through the motions and robotically prepare it, like I use to do with spaghetti and meat sauce three times a week.  Boil water and throw a handful of pasta in while a jar of sauce simmers on the stove, while I watched TV.  Sometimes I’d get ambitious and throw a few frozen meatballs in. Grains and sugar are not good.  It was all processed food and I didn’t care.  A few years later, after educating myself on grass fed meats and carb alternatives, I think carefully about what I eat.  Today, I went to the butcher to get some chicken wings.  The tastiest wings you can buy are at Lindy & Grundy’s on Fairfax in Los Angeles.  Their chicken comes from a farm that uses no soy or corn in their feed.  It’s paleo heaven!  The rest of their meats are grass fed, too.  I was very hungry this afternoon because I just finished a 13 mile training run this morning.  Of course, I perused the cases to see what else caught my eye.  Ground lamb!  $11.99 a pound.  Yum!  One third pound, please!.  $4.20!  I don’t know what I could buy with $4.20 at that moment that would have excited me more.  I could already smell it on the stove.  What else could I serve with it?  I love a peppery arugula salad with fresh, Meyer lemon juice and a crispy fried egg.  Such a satisfying meal.LambBurger

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