Nutella is not for Breakfast!

One morning, I went to my favorite French breakfast place, Le Pain Quotidien.  I like it there because they serve a number of paleo friendly dishes including egg whites with a mixed green salad.  They’re always open to making the plate just how I like it.  But, they’re known for their breads and baked goods, and that’s a no-no on the paleo diet.  They serve bread with every plate along with a trio of jams and spreads.  A gentleman sat at a table next to me and my ears perked up when he ordered the exact same thing I did:  mushroom egg white omelet with mixed greens, no dressing.  I received my meal first and his came shortly after.  The only difference, his plate had two gi-normous slices of bread on it.  The first thing he did was reach for the trio of jams, looked in each container, then hailed the server for the “Nutella”, actually their brand of chocolate hazelnut spread called Noisella.  When she delivered it, they shared a laugh about how it “was to to die for”.  Well, you got that right…I looked up the nutrition info and ounce for ounce, it has the same sugar content in it as a Snickers bar, plus more calories.  Especially the way this guy was slathering it on his bread, it was easily 4 tablespoons, or two servings, 42 grams of sugar and 400 calories.  Have some common sense.  If it looks and tastes rich and chocolaty, it is, and it probably has more sugar in it than a candy bar.  I’ve heard the argument, “it’s just chocolate and hazelnuts, all natural”.  Here are the ingredients: sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, soy lecithin, vanillin (artificial flavoring).  Sugar, dairy, and grains (soy) are all of the paleo enemies.  You can make a healthier choice.

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