A Gift from Friends

I am thrilled this morning!  I didn’t have to cook!  I was the lucky recipient of a wonderful gift.  My friends sent me a little care package: a takeout box labeled, “Your Paleo Breakfast”.  Inside, a beautiful quarter chicken on a pile of leafy greens and garlic.  The gift of food is amazing.  I think that’s why I love to cook for people.  Chicken on the bone is a favorite.  I’ve been eating chicken legs forever.  I remember eating a fried chicken leg with dad at Gino’s in suburban Philly when I was about 5 years old.  I guess that’s why I still love them to this day.  It’s comfort food.  There couldn’t have been anything better in that takeout box.  I had an instant smile on my face when I opened it.  Thank you Heathers and Cece.  You may find yourself in the same position one day, in front of a takeout box filled with great food.  Whatever you do, don’t microwave!  You’ll ruin your food with that thing, meats especially.  Caveman didn’t have a microwave and while open flame cooking isn’t always convenient, a hot pan is all you need.  Generally, most meats have enough fat that you don’t need any oil in the pan and you only need 3 or 4 minutes to get cooked food back to the desired serving temperature.  Vegetables only take about 30 seconds to reheat in a hot pan.  Take home doggy bags!  Please like us on http://Facebook.com/paleobreakfast.me


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