A Balanced Breakfast

I remember hearing the term, “a balanced breakfast”, quite often in commercials growing up.  Somehow, it always seemed  to go along with a bowl of cereal next to a glass of orange juice.  This is almost criminal.  A whole generation, maybe two or three, have been hearing the same thing and it’s doing more harm than good.  Our diets are overloaded with grains, sugar, and dairy,  Please take a close look at your diet and start eliminating those things wherever you can.  Your body will reap the benefits.  You’ll be stronger, your skin and eyes will be clearer.  You will  notice the difference.  Please read some of the links on the Favorite Links page and educate yourself on the dangers of grains.  A balanced breakfast should include protein, and vegetables.  Here, I have squash and parsnips.  Not shown, a bowl of spring mix salad.  Eat well and your body will pay you back.

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