Leftover Omelet

Last night, I had a delicious chicken breast from Whole Foods.  Mary’s Air Chilled Organic Chicken Breast was on sale so I snatched one up for a quick meal.  I can tell the difference with air chilled chicken, especially when cooking.  Water will come out of a poorly processed chicken during cooking, making it hard to maintain the crispy characteristic you may want on your chicken, especially in a stir fry.  I had a bout 2 ounces leftover from dinner last night so I knew right when I opened the refrigerator this morning, what I was making.  I sliced it thinly, sliced and quartered about an inch of yellow squash, chopped a green onion, threw it all into a hot pan with olive oil, added my Eggology egg whites, and flipped it.  Garnished with a few strawberries and, voila, paleo breakfast.  Leftovers are great for omelets because they reheat quickly.

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