When In Doubt, Eat This

CrispySalmonI’m often asked what my favorite paleo meal is, and the answer is easy.  How often do we find ourselves eating the same thing, on a weekly basis?  As a kid in high school, Friday night was pizza night.  There’s no worse time to eat pizza than on a Friday night, right before you do nothing all weekend.  If you haven”t wrapped your head around the paleo diet yet but you’ve made efforts in your exercise routine, do yourself a favor and save your bad food for days when you’re working out.  Your body will use those carbs for energy, quickly.  So eat your big meal before you work out, not “treat” your self afterward, because you worked out.  When developing an eating routine, get some great meals in there that you eat regularly.  For me, salmon three times a week.  I buy my fresh, wild caught salmon, enough for three, 4-6 oz portions, then prepare them the same way for lunch or dinner over the next few days.  If you do this regularly, you will have a huge impact of your health.  Omega 6-3 imbalance is a big concern.  Read about it on my Favorite Links page.  Now go buy some fish!

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