Give Us This Day, Our Daily…

Omega3I’m often asked why the paleo diet excludes grains.  What is it about grains that are so bad?  There are two important parts to that answer: 1) Lectins, 2) Omega 6.  Lectins wreak havoc in our bodies.  See my Favorite Links page to read all about Lectins.  You can avoid dangerous lectins by taking them out of your diet, or drastically reducing your intake of them.  That’s a huge start toward inflammation relief across the board.  Once I gave up all grains, I gave up my daily Advil.  Grains are also high in omega 6, which is also why grain fed beef is high in omega 6.  Corn and grain fed meats will always be higher in omega 6 than grass fed equivalents.  Anthropologists say that caveman ate a diet with an omega 6/3 fat ratio of 1:1, and our modern day western diets are as high as 15:1.  Studies show our risk of chronic diseases are greatly reduced by bringing that ratio down under 4:1.   Read about Omega 6/3 fat ratios on my Favorite Links page.  So how do we even that intake out?  Stop eating grains at every meal, every day, is a good start.  Before paleo, I had toast, oatmeal, cereal, pastries, or bagels for breakfast.  For lunch, a sandwich.  Dinner, pasta.  Midnight snack, more cereal or ramen.  Where’s the omega 3?  Fish is your best source of omega 3.  Reduce omega 6 by reducing your grain intake and increase your omega 3 by increasing your fish intake.  Salmon is a super high omega 3 fish.  Eat wild caught, fresh fish.  And eat that skin, too.  Start with a hot pan, sear that skin to a crisp, flip and cook another 5 minutes and serve with a big pile of leafy greens.  Give us this day, our daily FISH!

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