Pork – Once in a Blue Moon

PorkChop2It’s hard to be 100% paleo 100% of the time.  I strive for that.  You could say I’m 99% paleo 100% of the time.  And that’s better than 100% paleo 99% of the time, because for some people,  that 1% of the time can be a really bad 1%.  I won’t eat grains, dairy, or sugar, nor will I eat processed foods.  What I may eat is beef or poultry that is grain or corn fed, as much as I try to avoid it.  It’s virtually impossible to find grass fed beef or poultry out at a restaurant but I do my best everywhere I can.  Once in a blue moon, I’ll have pork, which is almost always corn or soy fed.  Yes, I can tell.  My stomach can always tell.  After over two year of no corn or grains, when I eat meat that is corn or grain fed, especially fatty meats, I just won’t feel right.  Dad was in town this week and he loves a good pork chop on the grill.  I indulged.

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