Chicken Fried Steak – Paleo Style

CoconutAlmondTendersNeed a new way to cook chicken?  Poultry is by far one of the most accessible, affordable proteins for your paleo menu.  But for most of us, we only have a few ways we know how to prepare it.  One of the challenges in the early stages of paleo dieting is keeping the dishes different and exciting.   In any diet with restrictions, you always run the risk of “getting bored”, and not knowing what to eat.  I recently met a woman from the South, who was so passionate about Southern cooking and the dishes she enjoyed growing up in Atlanta.  It inspired me to revisit the country style cooking I grew up with, and a favorite dish at the diner, chicken fried steak.  A few weeks ago, I purchased some almond meal from a local almond grower.  I blended it with coconut flour and used that to prepare some chicken tenders for lunch one day.  I’m still experimenting with the ratio of almond and coconut but it certainly was a tasty treat.  I say treat because it was definitely a rich dish.  The nutty flavor was perfect but I knew I was eating a lot more oil absorbed by the coconut flour.  Preheat a pan, add olive oil, (olive oil should slightly smoke when put into the preheated pan otherwise the pan is not hot enough).  Prepare an equal mix of almond and coconut flour, dip the tenders in a beaten egg, and then into the almond coconut mixture.  Place into the hot pan of oil and flip once when golden brown.  Again, this is great for a change and for a treat, and completely paleo, but if your focus is on weight loss, this isn’t an every day dish.  Served with roasted parsnips, and baby chard and kale with lemon.

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