A Better Breakfast Meat

BreakfastMeatTo me, paleo means making better choices with my food.  I’m fortunate to have a choice of what I put into my body.  A lot of people don’t have a choice.  If there was nothing to eat but rice, I’d eat rice.  But there’s plenty of other foods to choose from so I don’t eat rice anymore, nor do I eat bread, pasta, wheat or potatoes.  To most, breakfast means waffles, pancakes, muffins, scones, cereals, toast, donuts, pastries, and on and on and on.  I chose not to eat them, and haven’t for the past two years.  Instead, I eat protein, leafy greens, and root vegetables.  Even among those, I still have to make choices.  When you think of protein at breakfast, you immediately think of bacon and eggs.  In fact, because of diets like South Beach, high protein, high fat meals tend to include proteins like bacon.  Have you looked at bacon labels lately?  Ingredients always include salt, and sugar, and a serving contains more than 500 mg of sodium.  Salt will increase your blood pressure, no doubt about it.  For me, Paleo is about maintaining your body chemistry, not altering it…That’s why I don’t eat bacon.  What are the alternatives?  Popular breakfast meats are bacon, sausage and canadian bacon.  I’m on a quest to have chicken tenders on the list.  It’s leaner, has considerably less salt, and clear of any sugar.  Guess what?  It cooks faster than bacon, too.  I found organic chicken tenders at Pavillions Supermarket for only $4.79 per lb. On average, that’s cheaper than bacon many days of the week and has more  proteins per servings, too.  If  you’re exercising to lose weights, consider incorporating lean meats like chicken in your first meal of the day.

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