Protein – Bang for the Buck

SalmonKaleI ran a marathon yesterday so all that was on my mind last night and this morning was protein.  Protein is essential in muscle building.  Building muscle requires 85-110% of your lb. body weight, in grams, per day.  To make this easy, if you’re 150 lbs and want to build muscle, make sure you have 150 grams of protein in your daily diet.  For a workout recovery and muscle repair versus muscle building, it’s safe to look at the lower end of this range.  What’s the best bang for the buck when it comes to protein?  Let’s look at some basic sources: beef, chicken, fish, eggs.  Bang for the buck can be interpreted a few ways.  Literally, how much protein can you get for your dollar, or how much protein is in the same portion size.  After all, you can only eat so much.  And if you eat too much, you could have some side effects.  Eggs for example, at 13 grams per 100 gram serving are the lowest protein per serving ratio but also the cheapest.  Chicken and turkey come in at 17 grams per 100 gram serving and are roughly the same fat and calorie count.  They are also very close in price at $6-8 a lb.  Grass fed beef and salmon are very similar in cost at about $15-19 per pound.  Beef comes in at 19 grams per 100 gram serving and salmon comes in at 22 grams per 100 gram serving.  With salmon, you get a lot more omega 3 fat and that is one of the essential points in the paleo diet.  We don’t get enough omega 3 in our diets.  This morning, I had a 7 ounce salmon filet, about 200 grams.  That’s 44 grams of protein.  A big pile of kale with fresh, minced garlic, a slice of the last meyer lemon from my tree, and this is a delicious meal for recovery and worthy of celebrating my first marathon medal!

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