Pitfalls of a New Diet

DuckFatYamsNo matter what diet you start, modifying your daily habits can be challenging.  The poorer your habits, the harder it is.  Moving away from a diet of high salt, sugar, and fatty foods will seem boring and bland. First, acknowledge that eating bad foods is suicide.  Once you realize that and make a conscious decision to stop the madness, it will be a lot easier to do so.  It’s important to support that decision with evidence that eating healthy foods does not have to be boring and bland.  I’ve seen people hunched over a bag of carrot sticks, dreading every bite.  Yes, carrots are a paleo staple but no one said you have to eat them raw and without seasoning.  How about adding a different slice of citrus into the bag?  Eliminating grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, nightshade vegetables, from your daily diet is a huge step.  You can eliminate them a few at a time if that will help you wrap your head around it.  I started with sugar and wheat, then added dairy, corn, then rice and legumes.  Nightshades like potatoes and eggplant I eliminated immediately, whereas trace amounts of tomatoes and peppers are sometimes just pushed to the side.  Eat new fruits, vegetables, and meats.  This will challenge your tastebuds.  Even approaching two years of the paleo lifestyle, I still find myself seeking out new flavors to add to my meals.  Roots like horseradish and ginger will certainly liven any dish.  Take a small piece of fruit and dice it to add to any dish, hot or cold.  Try baby and micro greens found at specialty shops.  Meats like duck and quail are readily available and can give you another reason to try a new recipe.  Look for bison, and grass fed beef, try different cuts of lamb every once in a while.  Today, I used duck fat to cook yams while using olive oil to sauté kale and chicken.  It was an ever so slight change to a common meal of mine which gave me another variation to experience and enjoy.  Send me your list of ingredients you use to change things up.

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