Cinco de Mayo Paleo

Today is a great day to celebrate.  Of course you know it’s a day of celebration commemorating the Mexican Army’s defeat of the French in 1862, right?  It’s a another excuse to go out!  More than likely, you’ll end up having margaritas and Mexican food, which is actually the worse possible food you can eat.  Name the five most common ingredients in Mexican cuisine: rice, beans, corn, cheese, and pork.  None of these are paleo and here’s why.  I have sworn off pork from this country because it is more than likely raised with corn, soy, and other grains.  It’s very rare to find otherwise, but there are some farmers raising their swine on root vegetables and fruit.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find.  You may stumble into a fine-dining establishment and see a pork chop on the menu and see that it’s from a local farm and fed only vegetables for its entire life, and not corn or soy.  Corn and soy, and other grains cause high omega 6 fats in whatever eats them, including you, which is why you want to eat only grass fed or corn free and soy free livestock.  Eggs are high in soy because that’s what they feed commercially processed chickens.  Don’t eat those either.  Find eggs that are range free and they have a better chance of eating slugs and bugs, and less corn and soy.  But I digress, back to your party menu this evening.  Corn chips – NO!  Stop eating corn, please!  Cheese?  Dairy cows are fed corn, too.  Rice and beans, both high lectin foods, and probably cooked with pork lard, again, high in omega 6.  Excessive omega 6 intake is critical in the paleo diet. Please read about corn and omega 6-3 imbalance on my Favorite Links page.  Now, for the most important part of Cinco de Mayo, you’re not going to drink Corona or any other beer because it’s loaded with gluten, but tequila is actually one of the few grain-free distilled spirits.  It’s made from cactus.  And your margarita better be lime juice only.  As soon as you add margarita mix, you’re having high fructose corn syrup all over again.  And agave syrup is not better for you than sugar.  There is no such thing as less bad sugar.  It hits your liver without any fiber to slow its absorption and causes an insulin spike and which causes all kinds of issues, like fat…and diabetes.  Please be smart people.  Start making better choices with your intake.


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