Paleo is a Process, Unlike Any Other Diet

Approaching 4 years on the paleo diet, and having spoken to hundreds of people about my own journey and theirs along the way, I recognize that there is more success in changing your eating habits if you approach paleo as a process rather than a diet.  There is a lifestyle that happens along with the paleo diet that is unlike other diets, that’s how I know that paleo is not a fad diet.  Of course you can be successful on other diets and everyone has their own process, but I can say that after all this time, paleo “stuck” for me because of some key changes I decided to make.  Recognize that nothing happens in an instant.  If you’re looking to undo a lifetime of crappy eating in two weeks, it can’t be done.  Yes, you can make a significant change and have a breakthrough in a few days that can stick with you, but you have to be open to change.  You must realize that everything you think you know about yourself, your body, your attitude, is on the table for change.  If you’re not willing to change your thought process around food, if you want to argue over details of the diet, you’re wasting your time until you’re ready to change.  I hear so many excuses from people.  Excuses are useless.  Please take accountability here.  If you find yourself making an excuse, you haven’t worked enough to prepare yourself for change.  I have heard people blame their spouse, their kids, their job, and yes, I know these can be challenges but if you let them get the best of you, you will be paying the price.  This is a process.  You can take weight off over time and make slow steady steps toward a healthier body over time.  Wouldn’t you rather take off 5 lbs a year, than put on 5 lbs a year?  Make your goal simple and attainable instead of drastic.  For me, once I committed to making better choices all around, every day, I succeeded.  Know that people will judge you for your decision to be a better you.  They will joke and get in your head, they will criticize.  If you can stick to your guns and know you’re making a better decision for yourself, you will be far better off.  I am working people right now that have had every excuse in the book.  Ask yourself right now, “Why am I not at my best weight, in my best shape, ever”?  Do you have an answer?  If so, why don’t you want to be in the best shape ever?  It’s totally up to you.  Make a decision to start taking care of yourself.  It’s time.

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