Springtime Paleo

GrilledFennelWe’re turning the clocks forward next weekend and that reminds me that it’s the spring season.  For those of you that like to cook, new vegetables will be hitting the market and that means new flavors to stimulate your palate.  Asparagus and fennel are my favorites, along with all the different types of onions, radishes, and small, leafy greens like arugula and watercress.  Avocados and artichokes are two that are often available year round, but Springtime harvests are much bigger and that usually means lower prices.  Longer daylight hours means lots of grilling for me.  There’s something about cooking over an open fire that really adds a lot to the meal prep experience.  If you have a grill, make a point to use it.  Once you practice, it really is a no nonsense way to cook.  There’s less to clean up because pots and pans aren’t needed.  I like using charcoal because it imparts a specific smokey flavor on the food, but propane can still make your life a lot easier.  Tossing a split fennel bulb in oil, and grilling that will really make you smile.  You can do the same with green onion and asparagus.  I use a lot less seasoning because the high heat of a grill brings out a lot of natural flavors in the vegetable.  Maybe a little black pepper is all you need.  Believe me when I say, cooking can’t get any easier than this.  Once your grill is hot, it only takes a few minutes to completely cook your vegetables.  Always cook your protein first so while it’s resting, you can cook your veggies.  Since vegetable are a lot more delicate, do not put them over direct heat or open flame.  Cook vegetables off to the side of your grill so they don’t get burned.

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