Paleo Does Not Mean Bacon!

FiletSpinachBeetsSomeone overheard me talking about the paleo diet the other day.  “Oh, another fad diet!  Just what I need.”  Excuse me.  It’s not a fad.  It’s the longest running diet of all time, and anthropologists say it’s been going on for 2.5 million years.  It’s only been the past 10,000 years that grains and legumes have been a part of the human diet.  “That’s the one where all you eat is meat, right”?  Wrong, again.  It’s easier to catch a fish than a bird, than a bison, so naturally, one would, and should, eat more fish!  “Of yeah, my roommate is on that diet and eats bacon every meal”.  That’s a bad choice.  Bacon is cured in salt and sugar, and salt and sugar are not good for you, no-no number one!  Number two, pigs are fed corn and soy, grains and legumes are not on the paleo diet.  Both are bad for pigs, too.  We don’t want the livestock we eat to eat grains either.  Along with wild fish, I strive to buy grass fed beef, range free, corn/soy free chicken wherever possible.  Ordering at restaurants, it’s hard to tell, so you may have to make a sacrifice when you’re being social.  Pick your battles.  Remember, lean protein, leafy greens, root vegetables!  That’s a great start to the new year!

2 thoughts on “Paleo Does Not Mean Bacon!

  1. uncured bacon??? when i started paleo I managed to find it,,,,,,, and could enjoy a deconstructed BLT ! no bread of course. now i cannot find it in the two stores I found previously. very disappointed….. it was my splurge and such a great flavor than reg. bacon.

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