Why You Need a Side of Seafood

SideofSalmonWe often think of our meals in terms of protein, vegetable, starch.  Every plate we order tends to be a hefty combination of all three.  That’s what most people have always been taught was a balanced meal.  If you’re a meat and potatoes person, you’re probably not eating a lot of vegetables.  If you do, they might be vegetables like corn, or beans, and not the vegetables you really need.  Even vegetarians and those that keep their meat intake to a minimum tend to have tofu, beans, and rice, that same protein, vegetable, starch combination.   If you’re making the switch to paleo, then beans, corn, tofu (soy), and other grains are coming off your menu.  Most consider beans a vegetable, whereas, more specifically, they are legumes.  Read about lectins on my Favorite Links page.  The vegetables you really want are leafy greens, high in vitamins and minerals.  For paleo dieters, the root vegetable serves as the starchy side that we are use to.  Carrots, beets, and parsnips are a great staple to add to your dish, for texture and color.  Squash is becoming more and more available with packaged, pre-cut squash taking the grunt work out of the preparation.  No matter what you prepare, always look for opportunities to incorporate more fish into your diet.  The omega 3 fat in fish is vital to the paleo diet.  Read about omega 6/3 imbalance on my Favorite Links page.  This imbalance is one of the major points of the paleo diet, where caveman’s diet was an omega 6/3 ratio of 1:1, modern day diets are as high as 15:1 because of all the grains and grain fed proteins we eat.  For this reason alone, you should be looking to add a side of seafood to every meal or snack.  I have sardines on hand wherever I go and opt for seafood whenever I go out to eat.  With 21 meals in a week, I aim for 50% seafood while minimizing grass-fed red meat, eliminating pork, and using poultry from grain free, soy free sources whenever possible.

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