How to Raise Your Cooking Game

ProsciuttoI’m often asked how I come up with the dishes I present.  The first year I started writing, I was focused on my own journey and it was so easy to simply document everything I ate and comment on what I was eating and why.  As I gained momentum and began talking about my blog, I started putting pressure on myself to present nice dishes that I could be proud of.  In effect, I was cooking for the readers.  That raised my game.  Cook for others as often as you can and cook for them on the pretense that you are making them a healthy meal.  You’ll notice that you’ll make them a smaller portion, with less carbs and more protein.  You’ll also notice that you’ll make a more balanced meal.  Choose a protein, choose a leafy green vegetable, then choose a heavier vegetable.  Don’t serve bread, pasta, potatoes, or rice.  Use vegetables like squash or Brussels sprouts instead.  When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I was making breakfast for company.  The plan was to eat out, but time ran out and we were hungry.  I hadn’t shopped in ages and definitely wasn’t prepared.  What was in the fridge?  Eggs, zucchini, kale & carrots mix, a few slices of prosciutto, and a plum.  I’ll normally eat only one green vegetable at breakfast but the fact that I had company who was no stranger to a carb filled breakfast, I opted to use the zucchini and kale mix together.  I sautéed sliced zucchini, then separately sautéed kale mix with minced garlic.  I cut the prosciutto into small pieces and pan fried them, flat and crispy, then fried an egg.  Add a few pieces of peeled, sliced fruit to any dish for a nice garnish.  Other than banana, fruit will add a little acid to cut any fat you used in the cooking process, as well as balance the savory.  Again, cook to impress your guests with a healthy meal and you’ll start eating well too, and raise your healthy eating game!

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