Controversial – Eating Heathy is Easy, But Eating Poorly is Easier

SalmonPlateAside from the fact that you owe it to yourself and your family to eat the best food available to mankind, you don’t.  Why is it so difficult?  My cousin told me to start posting meals that were easier to make.  What’s easier than, 1: put pan on stove, 2: turn stove on, 3: put oil in pan, 4: put protein in pan, 5: flip protein.  Okay, I’ll admit, today I washed lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and sliced avocado, so there were a few more steps involved.  But, still…easy!  Here’s the problem.  Eating a bagel and cream cheese is the same amount of steps, but in your mind, it’s faster, and tastier.  It takes mental stamina to stick to a diet, especially when packaged foods rule the food distribution chain.  It’s very frustrating for me to watch.  In a restaurant the other night, I saw a family give their two year old a lollypop to keep him quiet while they ate.  I understand that I do not know the pressures of parenthood, but I do know how bad sugar is for children.  These parents will probably continue this behavior until someone points out that this is potentially harmful.  I hear of small children eating treats all day and after meals.  This amount of sugar can add up to 5 or 6 times their body weight in sugar per year.  Stats show the average American eats 150 lbs of sugar a year.  When I first heard this, I denied I was anywhere close to that because, “I eat healthy”.  For one week, I tracked my daily intake and measured 90-140 grams per day, meaning almost 110 pounds of sugar per year.  I wasn’t eating Snickers bars, I was eating granola bars.  I wasn’t eating Captain Crunch, I was eating Kashi.  What we thing is eating healthy, IS NOT HEALTHY.  Start doing your homework!  Start eating real food.  If it’s in a package, more than likely, it has sugar in it.  Don’t eat it.  Anything made with grains definitely contains salt, sugar, or both, because we wouldn’t eat it otherwise.  It would taste like cardboard.  Packaged foods are engineered to taste great, right out of the box, so we get in the habit of taking a sweet and salty bite with very little effort.  This behavior has to change if you have any chance against the the statistics.  If you’re eating like everyone else, then you have the same chance of getting sick like everyone else.  Don’t be a statistic.  Don’t be the average.  Do better with your diet and your body will thank you.  Your friends and family will thank you, too.

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