My Beef With Beef

TriTipPaleo isn’t permission to eat bacon, and lettuce wrapped burgers every meal.  We still need to exercise restraint over what we put in our mouths.  Red meat has been linked to heart disease among other chronic illnesses and they say that it’s mostly due to its fat content.  Is it safe to assume that if we eat red meat, we’ll get heart disease?  That’s the straight line conclusion that the medical community has drawn.  Increased red meat consumption and increased heart disease rates must mean that the two are linked.  Could there be any other factors?  What about lack of vegetables, or too much sugar, or too much omega 6 fat without enough omega 3 fat?  What about the fact that the beef is grain and corn fed as opposed to grass fed?  What about that of all the ground beef we eat (40% of beef consumed is ground), we may also be eating filler in the processed hamburgers?  I can’t remember the last time I bought red meat, but it was during the Game of Thrones season.  Twice in that ten week period we had red meat: once lamb, once beef.  Since then, I was out at a steak house in Iowa, Jesse’s Embers, in Des Moines, Iowa, and it was a treat.  I have taken this approach with red meat.  If I buy it, I buy grass fed beef, bison, or lamb.  If I have a choice in restaurants, I go to the one that advertises using grass fed beef.  And generally, I can count the times on one hand how often I eat red meat.  I always associate my consumption with caveman’s likely diet,  meaning, it’s easier to catch a fish, than a bird, than a wild bull.  Therefore I try to eat fish 50-60% of the time vs poultry 30-40% vs red meats 0-10%.  If you think of a 21 meal week, it’s easy to determine how many meals of each protein type you can choose.  Planning out your meals in this manner gives you greater control over your intake.  My good friend Andy said goodbye and left town, off to pursue a new career in a different city.  We celebrated by doing one of our favorite past times: cooking paleo, drinking good wine.  He brought over a beautiful tri tip with fresh herbs for his signature chimichurri.  We grilled a bunch of green onions and squash and opened a 1985 Napa Cabernet.  Although I didn’t photograph that meal, as it seems we ate directly from the cutting board and grill, chef style, I happened to save an end piece for breakfast the next morning, and since this is a breakfast blog, you can see the result of that re-heat, re-plate breakfast memory.

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