Which Came First, the Chicken or the Duck?

DuckEggsI was on the road last week and stopped at a friend’s house along the way.  In the morning, while deciding what to do for breakfast, she showed me a dozen duck eggs she had just purchased.  “I bought them because they’re bigger”, she said.  With growing children, I’m sure you look for every opportunity to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to nutrition.  I always knew duck eggs were richer in flavor, and texture, but I never used them regularly.  They are about a 20-30% larger in size, with a much larger yolk, and after some more research, I discovered that ducks are mostly free range foragers.  This means, they will eat more bugs and grubs than chickens, thus eating less grains, resulting in higher omega 3 fat.  This is great!  Remember, a key to paleo diet is the balance of omega 6 and 3 fats.  Please read about the importance of omega 6/3 balance on my Favorite Links page.  There is significantly more vitamin D, vitamin A, and cholesterol in a duck egg than a chicken egg, but a little less vitamin E.  Baking with duck eggs is supposedly superior because of the high albumen content in the egg.  I have not tried any paleo baking with duck eggs but I will report on that as soon as I do.  I look to try new foods wherever I go.  A diverse diet is the best way to keep your tastebuds and body challenged.  In addition to the duck eggs in the refrigerator, she had fresh beet greens, a shallot, and a handful of figs from her tree in the back yard.  A little balsamic vinegar gave us the acid to balance out the fatty eggs and oil I grilled the figs in.

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