Eating Out, Paleo

CurryChickenRootsPeople I speak with mention the difficulties of maintaining the paleo diet while dining out.  I have a lot of stories about that, too.  But, with three years under my belt, it’s become much easier to get what I need at a restaurant without feeling embarrassed or hassled.  Research ahead of time: If you know where you’re going, check out the menu before you get there so you can plan accordingly.  That way you won’t be disappointed with the menu selections because you’ll already be prepared fro what they have.  Don’t feel ashamed of making a request: Most placed are more than happy to eliminate ingredients from the dish to make it right for you.  I love a Cobb Salad, but some places insist on a lot of beans, which aren’t paleo.  Just ask them to take them off, please.  Look for eggs:  No matter where you go, they’ll always have eggs available.  If there are no dishes available that are gluten or grain free, order a salad with an egg on top.  Eggs are portable protein and can be added to many dishes to turn them into an entree.  Grilled chicken or salmon, even shrimp, can pump up any salad into a hearty meal.  Once you have a favorite, stick to it:  I have my lunch meetings at the same places because I know they’ll accommodate my order.  It’s nice to go to new places all the time but I like the tried and true.  Tell them to keep the bread: Make sure you tell them “No Bread”, no matter what you order. Crackers and bread show up on the plate all the time.  Eliminate the chance of any temptations.  No dressing, just lemon: Another good habit to get into.  Dressing often contains sugar or honey and gluten or soy for thickeners.  A few wedges of fresh lemon will do the trick.  My favorite lunch spot has a curry chicken sandwich, which they are nice enough to serve without bread, on a salad of arugula and root vegetables.  There’s no excuses.  Make smart choices when dining out.

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