What is a Garden Breakfast, Exactly?

GardenBreakfastIf you Google “Garden Breakfast”, you’ll see plenty of images of breakfast outdoors.  Sitting outside with a croissant and jam, coffee and orange juice, is not going to make you any healthier.  “But, it’s so relaxing.”  Yes, but it will kill you, eventually.  A croissant and jam, orange juice and coffee, is loaded with gluten, lectins, and sugar.  You can read all about lectins in my Favorite Links page.  Start your day with protein, root vegetable, and leafy greens for your carbs and energy.  Avoid sugar at all costs.  Insulin spikes early in the day can mean crashing energy levels later on.  Caveman may have found a berry tree along his hunt, but when he stopped to eat them, he ate them right off the tree, working all the while.  That activity kept his insulin needs down because those fruit carbs went right to his muscles for energy.  Then when that berry tree was empty, he didn’t see berries again until they grew back months later.  What do we do, now?  Sit back, gorging a pint of berries while we sip champagne, glass after glass.  And those berries came from South America so we can have them year round.  If you have a garden and can plant root vegetables and greens, and actively pick them before you cook, then that’s a true garden breakfast!  My garden box arrived on my doorstep a few days ago, direct from organic farmers.  Carrots, kale, broccoli make for a great meal any time of day.

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