Another Win at the Supermarket!

SoyFreeEggsThis is huge!  I saw this product at Whole Foods and bought it immediately.  I usually have to wait to go to the farmers’ market to find no soy, no corn feed eggs.  Sometimes, getting to the farmers’ market isn’t convenient.  Or, when traveling to places where there are no farmers’ markets, or chicken farmers that acknowledge the issues associated with soy, it’s great to have another source.  Chino Valley Ranchers ( acknowledges the problems with soy feed for chickens.  There’s even a website outlining the reasons why they are now producing soy free eggs.  (  This is very important to those following the paleo diet as soy is a legume and legumes are not part of the diet.  On my Favorite Links page, check out the article on Omega 6/3 imbalance.  While you’re at it, read all about lectins.  That’s why soy is a no-no.  Not to mention, recent research indicates that 94% of the world’s soy is now GMO.  You have choices, people.

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