What Does ‘High Protein Diet’ Mean?

SalmonSaladEggThe paleo diet doesn’t necessarily mean high protein.  I will tell you that once you are conscious of all the carbs you take in, substituting those carbs with protein options in your diet will result in higher protein intake than you’re use to, but that’s still not considered high protein.  The term High Protein is reserved for diets over 50% protein.  But paleo only means you’re eliminating grains, legumes, dairy, and sugar.  Eating the right carbs, you can still have the same ratio of carbs and protein that you did before your paleo diet, just that the source of your carbs is now from root vegetables and leafy greens instead of grains and sugar.  Knock the grains and sugar out and look for protein snacks with your salads.  I had salmon last night and a small leftover piece, seared in a pan, gives you the fuel you need to start your day.  Add an egg and a pile of greens with lemon for a bright and flavorful meal any time of day!

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