Life Force Paleo – How to Enjoy Cooking

GrilledFishFishEggHeading into my third year on this diet, I can definitely tell you what I’ve noticed the most.  Avoiding certain foods like grains and sugar, some types more than others, eliminates pain and discomfort associated with those foods.  For example, sugar will give me a headache when I have more than 7 grams.  I will have intestinal distress when I eat gluten in any quantity.  So when people ask me if I feel better when I stick to my diet, the obvious answer is yes, I don’t feel bad anymore.  But certain foods on the paleo diet give me a lift and that goes beyond not feeling bad and actually feeling good.  For me that food is fish.  Again, some more than others.  It seems the really fatty fish, like salmon, and sardines, really do wonders.  These sardines, for example, went right on the grill and won’t over cook because of all the omega 3 fat within.  You may wonder, why not just take fish oil?  I’m sure that could be better than getting no fish at all but when your body works to extract that oil from food, there’s a benefit there, too.  Also, taking a pill is not as exciting as everything I went through to cook these sardines.  Think about my Superbowl sunday experience.  Walking in the fresh air to the farmers’ market, talking to the lovely lady about the fish, seeing these beautiful, silver skinned sardines sparkling in the sun, grabbing a handful of berries on my way out of the market, the nice walk home thinking how I was going to prepare their meal, then the wonderful smell of the barbecue heating up, the crackling pop of great charcoal from northern california hardwoods, the sizzle as I carefully place the sardines on the grill, the crack of a farm fresh egg, and dipping that smoky fish into the rich yolk…all while anticipating Denver’s big win…Well at least I had a good meal!  Enjoy your cooking!  Eat a balanced diet of lean proteins, leafy greens, and root vegetables.  Read about the importance of omega 3 fat on my Favorite Links page.

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