What’s a Paleo Holiday Dinner?

ChristmasDinnerWhile many around me were consuming potatoes in their holiday dinner, I opted for more root vegetables.  The carrot vs. potato comparison really isn’t a comparison at all.  The vitamin A in about 3 ounces of carrots is 335% the daily recommended value.  A potato? Zero.  But the real problem is that the carbs in a potato are double that of a carrot, and a serving size of a potato is always excessive.  A whole baked potato is roughly 300 grams or 60 grams of carbs vs 10 grams in a serving of carrots.  Carrots are a better choice, hands down.  Roasted carrots with cumin, sautéed celery, seared scallops, and braised short ribs.  Not shown, a huge beet and arugula salad.

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