How Much Beef is Too Much Beef?

FiletRed meat gets a bad rap.  Here are my two cents.  A majority of the beef in the country is grain fed, corn fed.  Organic beef, means they use organic grains, organic corn.  For anyone on a paleo regimen, this is not good.  Omega 6 content in grain fed, corn fed beef is much higher than grass fed equivalent.  Omega 6/Omega 3 fat imbalance is a big concern among paleo experts.  Please read my Favorite Links page about omega 6/3 imbalance.  How much red meat is okay?  Grass fed beef has a omega 6/3 fat ratio of about 4/1, whereas grain fed beef is virtual all omega 6, and 4 times higher than grass fed beef to boot.  I also look for free range, corn free, soy free chicken, rather than grain fed.  It’s just as important, although less of an impact if you stay away from the skin.  To put it in perspective, eating 3-4 ounces of beef, three times a day, can give you 1200 mg of omega 6 with zero omega 3, for grain fed beef, vs. only 240 mg omega 6 and 80 mg of omega 3 for grass fed beef (source:  Notice, the ratio for grass fed is 4-1, vs. 12-0 for grain fed.  Stay away from that grain fed beef if you have a choice.  I wouldn’t have grain fed beef without having a lot of fish on hand.  You can see how food sources can play a huge role in your diet.  Limit your portion size and frequency.  Be aware, do research, make better choices.

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