Mega Omega 3!

SardinesFreshSardinesGrilledSardinesEatenSomething I rediscovered in Europe, and was quickly reminded of how fulfilling and nutritious these little gems are, were the sardines!  If I had to pick a single protein source to have at my fingertips, it would be sardines.  I’m not necessarily talking about those canned babies your dad would take on road trips, I’m talking about fresh sardines.  Not that the canned ones are bad to keep around, too.  In fact, I rely on canned sardines for quick protein after workouts and the Brisling variety are especially tender.  Always buy the no-salt version, in water, which allows you to minimize your sodium intake.  Sardines contain tons of omega 3 fats, close to 2000 mg in a 4 ounce serving, and loads of calcium, too.  (Please see my Favorite Links page for info on Omega 6/3 imbalance).  The fresh sardines I found at the fish market this week were in the $13 per pound range.  Not cheap but it won’t break the bank, either.  These are best grilled.  They contain so much fat that it’s really hard to over cook them.  The skin gets nice and crispy and the simplest of seasoning makes these tasty treats for appetizer or main course.  When you see them fresh, buy them.

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