It’s Squash Season!

SquashSeasonYou’re probably seeing squash all over the place by now.  Buy it!  Eat it up.  It’s a much more nutritious alternative to potatoes or pasta and a lot more colorful, too.  It’s loaded with vitamins A and C, easy to cook and prepare, and very versatile.  Make soup, make a side, the possibilities are endless.  You will need a good knife since the outer skin is pretty tough.  Most grocery stores carry pre-cut squash, which makes it even easier to prep for dinner.  You can roast it at 400 degrees, in 15 minutes, or you can boil it in 7, which I did today.  If you’d like to try a new dish with a richer flavor, boil low sodium chicken broth, add cubed squash and cook to tender.  Strain off the broth (don’t throw it away), and mash the squash.  Add back broth to get the desired texture and flavor.  You can even use a blender to get a smooth puree.  Season if you must but I love mine right off the vine!

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