Paleo Football Season!

GreenAndWhiteI know I have football on the brain because I looked at my breakfast this morning and said, “Hey, those are the Eagles team colors”!  I can’t help it.  I love football.  I love food, too.  I especially love football food!  The first Monday Night Football game, my friends and I had a traditional outing at a local sports bar.  Pizza, wings, nachos, beer filled the table.  How do you minimize the damage and maximize the fun with those food choices?  Here’s the lowdown on keeping your football snacks completely paleo.  Here’s what’s out:  grains, sugar, dairy, which also means gluten, corn, and potatoes.  Your typical order of wings can be the friendliest snack you’ve got.  Typically, a good order of wings comes with blue cheese and carrots and celery.  Blue cheese dressing is out, but eat those veggies.  Also, ask your server if those wings are breaded.  You want the non-breaded version.  If you want to go further, baked and broiled vs. fried is always better because fried wings are typically fried in corn, canola, or soybean oil.  I guess the least offensive would be canola.  Watch for sweet and sour wing sauce as that is typically high fructose corn syrup.  Beer is out, but you can look for gluten free beer as a lesser of two evils.  Gluten free beer is still grain filled but may be less offensive. Red wine is still your best alcohol choice but if you want that cold bottle in your hand, go for a hard cider.  Look for your small producer brands as the sugar content is much lower.  Crispin Brut is only 7g of sugar per bottle vs Woodchuck at 21g.  Look at ingredients.  If there’s sugar added, keep looking.  Remember, tequila is a paleo friendly liquor.  No margarita mix but you can go fresh lime juice all day.  Unfortunately, pizza and nachos are out forever but you can get creative.  My favorite chip substitute is root chips or plantain chips.  Sweet potato or yam fries are a much better choice than regular french fries.  Do your best and have a great season!

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