Butter – Paleo?

RosemaryFiletI get this question a lot.  Is butter paleo?  Yes, it is animal fat.  But, it comes through processing of dairy which again, comes from the animal, but just wasn’t part of caveman’s diet.  If you are going to engage in the hard-core paleo diet and only eat what caveman did,  then butter is off the menu.  If you’re a modern day caveman, then yes, clarified, grass-fed, unsalted butter is your best approach.  For example, I do not make bacon a part of my diet because it’s cured in salt and sugar.  I will eat smoked pork belly if the mood strikes.  If there’s a few crumbs of bacon in my salad, I’ll eat it but I won’t order it if I have the chance.  Same with butter, I don’t use it on a daily basis but if I’d like to cook something that may call for it, I weigh the options of changing the ingredient, but I may keep it once in a while.  I will clarify the butter whenever possible.  Clarified means, without milk solids.  You can do this easily by skimming the milky film away from the melted butter.  Today’s brunch included filet mignon, basted with rosemary butter, an organic, soy free, corn free egg, and asparagus.  Sear your filet in a hot pan, flip it, then add a quarter stick of clarified, unsalted butter.  Add fresh rosemary and baste.  Garnish egg with crispy leeks.  Is butter paleo?  Taste it and decide!

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