What Did the Duck say to the Chicken?

RoastedChickenHerbSaladEver since I started using grass fed animal fats in my cooking, I can’t stay away from basting.  It’s a treat that I give myself once or twice a week.  I certainly enjoy the subtle flavors found in tallow and duck fat.  You can test  your palette by cooking the simplest thing: an egg.  Fry an egg in duck fat and see if you can discern the different flavors.  I’m sure you will notice a difference.  Then you can incorporate the fat into different dishes.  For example, last night, I sautéed figs in tallow, then finished them with an aged balsamic.  The possibilities are endless.  You may know that living a paleo lifestyle can be challenging at times, especially when examining the food sources of the meats you purchase.  I buy my chicken from a butcher that sources from grass fed, corn free, soy free farms.  These chickens are a lot leaner, which means less fat.  In the roasting process, I baste the bird with fat from the pan.  Because there’s not always a lot of fat in the pan, I supplement it with a few tablespoons of duck fat.  This is delicious!  Top your meat with a variety of fresh herbs: tarragon, basil, rosemary, parsley, cilantro, and arugula.  Add roasted root vegetables like carrots and parsnips.  I know there’s a fingerling potato on the plate.  That was for my guest, not for me.  What did the Duck say to the Chicken?  One day, I’m going to be all over you!

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