Game of Thrones Paleo

OhioMeat on the bone – that’s what we love at our Game of Thrones viewing parties: chicken legs, T-Bone steaks (grass fed of course), duck, and rack of lamb!  For the finale viewing party, rack of lamb was the favorite.  I used mesquite charcoal in the old Weber grill and maintained a grill temperature of 425 degrees (buy an oven thermometer).  Make sure you start with your meat at room temperature, which means it should be out of the refrigerator, unwrapped for a few hours before building your fire.  I seasoned the lamb with salt and pepper then seared the frenched rack, lip side down in a pan on my stove top.  I did this to make sure I could control the sear and render enough fat without causing a grease fire in the grill.  Remember, rack of lamb has a lot more fat than most cuts of meat so be sure to address that wherever possible.  I put the rack, ribs side down on the grill, looking to reach an internal temp of 125 degrees and I check with a meat thermometer in the grilling process.  Always let your meat rest for 10-15 minutes after removing it from the fire.  There’s no better way to get this whole process down better than practicing it.  My party guests brought yams, salad, and strawberries.  The plate, ironically looks like The Erie on the map of Westeros, where Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon grew up together.  But is also kinda looks like Ohio…

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